Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems
One of Celestial V Solutions main goals is to prepare you to apply machine learning algorithms to real-world tasks. Or, to leave you well-qualified to start machine learning or AI research.

Embedded systems are always in demand with students. Thereby,The final year electronics engineers begin with a furious search for embedded systems projects and ends with multiple projects coming to achievement.

In fact, We provide best design and embedded system software for many medical devices, aircraft component companies. Also, We provide rich in embedded system applications for some of the telecom companies, computer peripherals and etc. Furthermore, We have a strong team with highly talented and provide professionals way for making software development programming tools, and real time operating systems. We have more projects in both real time and latest embedded projects. There are only few embedded companies in Bangalore.

Embedded provides distinct service for the already available ones. Life cycle for embedded-systems includes:

• Product development: Software architecture, modelling, system design, embedded systems software engineering, embedded systems software programming, embedded software development systems, release management, and feature distinct development

• New product adaptation: Re-development and re-engineering of embedded software and systems,latest technology adaptation,custom embedded system software development, performance and reliability improvement, and multiple platform porting services

• Product sustenance: Lifecycle enhancements, defect tracking and fixing, feature enhancements, regression testing, and maintenance releases

• Testing and verification: Test plan design,embedded design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing

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