iJOBs – HR Request tracking and Processing System


  1. iJOBs – HR Request tracking and Processing System

This project aims for an effective HR request and processing system.

The system records basic demographic and address data, selection, capabilities and skills management, resume uploads and other related activities.

It provides the ability to enter relevant data to applicable database fields, provide information about new candidate availability as well as client requirements. It provides flexible search options to look for candidates based on skills as well as location, and also to look for requirements. Registered users can access different sections in the application – Admin, HR and Requester user.

The HR Team schedules interviews for applicants based on feedback from Employers. Once an Interview is scheduled, system generates an e-mail to identified persons for the respective Resource.

The Results of Interviews are updated by the HR Team and appropriate e-mail messages are sent to respective candidates.

The system keeps a history of the Interviews arranged and tracks various versions of the Resume of Applicants. This is visible only to the HR Team.