iSmart- Attendance Tracking System using NFC


  1. iSmart- Attendance Tracking System using NFC


iSmart – ATS is mobile cum web based attendance tracking system. It replace the RFID and reduce the implementation cost.



  1. Admin login :

            Admin  can login to M-ATS Application by entering Company User ID and Password.

Admin Login

  1. OTP Setting :

OTP Setting

Admin  can set OTP status TRUE/FALSE when every they need Secure Authentication of Employee Attendance

  1. NFC TAG Write:

 NFC Tag Write

Admin  have to write the Employee details (like EmpID, Name, Emp Cell, Manager Cell,) into the NFC Card with Encrypted format  .


  1. View Attendance :

View Attendence

Admin  can view each Employee check In and check out timing in the company NFC enabled Mobile device.


User Attendance :

User Attendance

A Employee  making attendance using the NFC enabled Mobile Device. Once he tapped tag it will send an OTP to his mobile for secure authentication .


OTP  Verification :

OTP Verification

Employee has to enter the received OTP for verification .


Send SMS to Manager:

Send SMS to Manager

                A Employee Once the OTP verification is success then the employee attendance will be stored in ATS list and it will send a sms of employee check in /checkout to his manager

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync

                If admin want to get print out of the monthly attendance list ,he can dump attendance list to cloud from their he can get printout of  monthly.