Point of Sales (POS) Management


  1. Point of Sales (POS) Management

The POS Management Software is a Custom-made application designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a Supermarkets, Shops, Grocery Store and other billing stores in keeping track of stock maintenance and Inventory Maintenance, Billing, Purchase Details, hourly based reports, etc. These are highly specialized software designed to take care of all aspects of a billing operation.


Why POS Management Software?

  • POS Software is a central database that stores information related to items of the Store.
  • POS offers records on real-time to check availability of stocks, inventory, rates of every item and more
  • Billing application to ensure correct and efficient billing with no delay
  • Maintain Proper records of every Staff and Login details.
  • Helps stores in maintaining transparency at every level of operation.
  • It offers Multi-User Facility which ensures that multiple users can access to the store billing software at the same time.

To offer better services to customers, we have some important features in POS Management Software.


  • High Level User Interface (UI).
  • Multi-User account.
  • Separate Super Admin / Admin and Staff Login.
  • Real Time stocks and inventory record system.
  • Records of Staff Login of billing which they entered.
  • Customized Reports.
  • Multi User and System Billing Option.
  • Support on Windows Operating System (OS).