1. Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

The Hospital Management Software is a Custom-made application designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a hospital, nursing home and healthcare institutions in keeping track of inpatient, outpatient, billing, discharge summary, Insurance Claim, Ward Details, etc. Furthermore, These are highly specialized software designed to take care of all aspects.


Why Hospital Management Software?

  • Hospital Software is a central database that stores information related to inpatient, outpatient, doctors etc.
  • HMS offers records on real-time to check availability of beds, inventory, doctor charges, scheduling of doctor appointment and more

To offer better services to a patient, we have some important features in HMS

  • High End Material User Interface (UI)
  • Multi-User account
  • Separate Admin / Doctor Login
  • Real Time Inpatient and Outpatient system
  • Records of patient history
  • Discharge Summary
  • Customized Reports
  • Insurance Claim for both inpatient and outpatient
  • High Level Security
  • Support on any Operating System (OS) Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS

2. TechBus


Bus Attendance & Efficient Communication System

By using TechBus you can ensure your child safety. The tracking facility given by our product which gives the exact location of your child. Message will be received by the parent once the child enters or exits the school bus. The attendance system will ensure your child’s safety even more.As a result, The parents will feel more secure about their children by using this product.


We at TechBus are on a mission to empower the Education Sector with State of the Art Technology.
And This is just the beginning of our journey, as of now we have successfully managed to address 3 issues faced by the Education Sector : Safety, Data Management and User Engagement.

School Bus Tracking & In Bus Attendance

We understand that the School buses are under constant pressure to provide a safe, reliable service to the students and their parents and also to raise profits for the fleet owners. So, TechBus provides a highly automated and customizable School bus safety solution to reduce the stress on the drivers as well as on the transportation department of the School.

Why School Bus Tracking?

In today’s scenario, avoiding any mishap with the children has become an important issue for both the parents and school management. Hence at TechBus, we provide Latest Technology based School Bus Tracking Solution through which one can easily monitor the school bus along with the students in it so that you never lose sight of your child. It is a one stop solution for live tracking, route management, automated SMS, student attendance and more. TechBus School bus tracking emphasizes on accuracy, efficiency, safety and security and has no match in these dimensions. Ensuring the safety of your children can never get easier and more effective.

Be in the League of Technologically Advanced Schools

Convert your buses into smart-buses by using the state-of-the-art tracking technology for the safety of the students. The schools enforcing such systems are preferred by parents for offering such distinguishing services. It reflects the technically sound and modern nature of the institution.

  1. iSmart- Attendance Tracking System using NFC


iSmart – ATS is mobile cum web based attendance tracking system. It replace the RFID and reduce the implementation cost.



  1. Admin login :

            Admin  can login to M-ATS Application by entering Company User ID and Password.

Admin Login

  1. OTP Setting :

OTP Setting

Admin  can set OTP status TRUE/FALSE when every they need Secure Authentication of Employee Attendance

  1. NFC TAG Write:

 NFC Tag Write

Admin  have to write the Employee details (like EmpID, Name, Emp Cell, Manager Cell,) into the NFC Card with Encrypted format  .


  1. View Attendance :

View Attendence

Admin  can view each Employee check In and check out timing in the company NFC enabled Mobile device.


User Attendance :

User Attendance

A Employee  making attendance using the NFC enabled Mobile Device. Once he tapped tag it will send an OTP to his mobile for secure authentication .


OTP  Verification :

OTP Verification

Employee has to enter the received OTP for verification .


Send SMS to Manager:

Send SMS to Manager

                A Employee Once the OTP verification is success then the employee attendance will be stored in ATS list and it will send a sms of employee check in /checkout to his manager

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync

                If admin want to get print out of the monthly attendance list ,he can dump attendance list to cloud from their he can get printout of  monthly.


  1. iImage


iImage  is a innovative solutions for minimizing storage space of the images using hybrid Image compression technique without losing the quality of the Image.

Perhaps, iImage reduces the size of the image by 80% to 90% without compromising the quality of the Image. I t will useful for the Photographer, Web Designers, News Reports, Wild Life Researchers etc..


Original Image [Size 858 KB]                                              Compressed  Image [Size 95 KB]


  1. Esy2send


Esy2send is an application, which helps us in sending SMS, bulk SMS, e-mail, bulk e-mail and both SMS and e-mail simultaneously. It is mainly developed by targeting industries like marketing, schools, colleges, real estates, finance and other marketing industries.


  1. Esy2send mob app

Esy2send Mobile

Esy2send also has its mob version, using this mob application you can send SMS or bulk SMS with your mob on the go when you are away from your system. All you need to use this mob application is GPRS connection is your mob and the mob application of Esy2Send which you can download it from esy2send website. The biggest advantage in using this application is, you don’t have to carry your laptop or system wherever you go and whenever you need to use esy2send application. By making a single click on your mob using esy2send mob application you can communicate in mass.


  1. iJOBs – HR Request tracking and Processing System

This project aims for an effective HR request and processing system.

The system records basic demographic and address data, selection, capabilities and skills management, resume uploads and other related activities.

It provides the ability to enter relevant data to applicable database fields, provide information about new candidate availability as well as client requirements. It provides flexible search options to look for candidates based on skills as well as location, and also to look for requirements. Registered users can access different sections in the application – Admin, HR and Requester user.

The HR Team schedules interviews for applicants based on feedback from Employers. Once an Interview is scheduled, system generates an e-mail to identified persons for the respective Resource.

The Results of Interviews are updated by the HR Team and appropriate e-mail messages are sent to respective candidates.

The system keeps a history of the Interviews arranged and tracks various versions of the Resume of Applicants. This is visible only to the HR Team.


  1. Point of Sales (POS) Management

The POS Management Software is a Custom-made application designed to cater to the complex business requirements of a Supermarkets, Shops, Grocery Store and other billing stores in keeping track of stock maintenance and Inventory Maintenance, Billing, Purchase Details, hourly based reports, etc. These are highly specialized software designed to take care of all aspects of a billing operation.


Why POS Management Software?

  • POS Software is a central database that stores information related to items of the Store.
  • POS offers records on real-time to check availability of stocks, inventory, rates of every item and more
  • Billing application to ensure correct and efficient billing with no delay
  • Maintain Proper records of every Staff and Login details.
  • Helps stores in maintaining transparency at every level of operation.
  • It offers Multi-User Facility which ensures that multiple users can access to the store billing software at the same time.

To offer better services to customers, we have some important features in POS Management Software.


  • High Level User Interface (UI).
  • Multi-User account.
  • Separate Super Admin / Admin and Staff Login.
  • Real Time stocks and inventory record system.
  • Records of Staff Login of billing which they entered.
  • Customized Reports.
  • Multi User and System Billing Option.
  • Support on Windows Operating System (OS).
  1. Statistical Software assessment Portal for School Improvement -SSAP

The Statistical Software assessment Portal for School Improvement is closely linked to CVS, will enable you to demonstrate to Ofsted how well you are helping your pupils make progress and fulfil their potential, especially those who require additional support, challenge and intervention.

The SSAP for Schools can serve as an excellent resource to show how much progress pupils have made in comparison to their starting points and help you evaluate individual pupils benefit from their school.

SSAP for Schools

The SSAP for Schools will also enable you to evaluate the achievement of pupils against CVS. You can demonstrate to OFSTED you are using SSAP to improve your progress across subjects. The evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained schools and academies, The SSAP for Schools will also support you in providing the following crucial evidence to Ofsted:

• An analysis of Progress of pupils for the past three years, broken down by pupil groups
• An analysis of Progress and Attainment
• Records of progress against the key issues identified at the previous inspection
• Reviews of progress across subjects or departments
• Current levels of achievement and predictions for the end of the academic year

The SSAP for Schools will also enable you to evaluate evidence of progress in recent years and the progress and attainment of pupils currently in your school.

By using SSAP for Schools you will also be able to:

• Evaluate pupils’ learning and progress relative to their starting points at particular ages and combine to any assessment measures held in the school
• Estimate the progress of pupils who have received intervention and/or additional support
• Assess the progress of any pupils who have joined the school at times other than the usual transfer times
• Measure levels of progress against national thresholds

When using the SSAP for Schools, you will be able to check whether the targets you have set for each pupil will ensure your school progress measure becomes significantly above or in line with the national average.

SSAP will also show if the targets you set are significantly above, below or in line with National averages when compared to CVS national data.

The SSAP for Schools will support your school to calculate your current EYFS to Year 13 Progress and Attainment quickly and very easily for each key staage.

The SSAP for Schools can calculate Progress and Attainment scores for:

• Pupils
• Pupil Groups
• School Average
• Classroom
• Subject
Ofsted are interested how much progress schools are made compared to where pupils started and what is being done to address any identified issues.

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